No Downshift / Power After Water Crossing (1 Viewer)


low speed, high drag
Mar 26, 2013
Sunshine State
Disclaimer: Did the search and came out empty.

97’ 80 series, standard US issue. Lol.

I’ve gotten this problem occasionally over the years, but still can’t find the reason. Intermittently, after driving through a puddle that’s balls… I mean axle deep or so, I lose the ability to downshift when I put the skinny pedal to the metal. This lasts an hour or so, until things dry out. Idle is fine. No apparent misfire. No check engine light.
My O2 sensor connectors are filled with dielectric grease. Everything leading to or from the distributor and everything else -within easy reach - under the hood, as far as electrical connection go, are filled with dielectric grease. Front and rear axle breathers are extended and I have a snorkel.
What am I missing here? Anyone else have this issue?

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