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This isn't exactly the steal of the century, but I spent almost an hour today inspecting this 2000 LC w/<120k miles & it is about as cherry as it gets. Absolutely zero, and I mean zero rust. Total mall cruiser---there are juice/food stains on the rear seat belts, but the seats really are as clean as the pics indicate. There is a bit of "old car smell"---probably from kids & hopefully a steam clean would rectify. 90k service has been done sans H20 pump replace. Engine compartment is bone dry---no leaks anywhere. Underneath it is cleaner than my 2006---spent its life in AZ. There is some moisture around the boots on the front end, but about what should be expected---nothing dripping or super wet. He won't budge on the price: $13.9k. Carfax shows 1 owner, and religious dealer service---oil changes EVERY 3k, and everything serviced at Camelback Toyo in AZ. The exterior paint is great--2 small door dings & some chips in the piping right above the running boards, but literally it is immaculate. If it were grey interior I would have cut him a check on the spot.
2000 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 118K CLEAN 4WD 4X4**************************

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