No 1st speed on blower motor. Can't find info

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Apr 27, 2009
Fernie B.C.
Hello I'm looking for a reason why my blower motor won't work on the lowest speed. I tested the resistors and jumped 2nd speed to find the two resistor that make up 2nd speed did the same with 3rd and found that one resistor that made the 3rd speed. So I think that all 3 resistors make 1st speed,I jumper to see if the fan would go on 1st speed but it didn't.
I think that it's a wiring issue somewhere. Help please

1982 BJ 60 12 volt
My 45 has a 2 speed blower.

It is a common thing for the resistor to fail and as a result I only have the high speed now.

There are wiring diagrams for your truck on this site. Check the FAQ.
I did replace the resistors a few years back and 1 or 2 coils had breaks in them. It wasn't hard to tell that was the issue. I replaced the resistor pack and all speeds worked until now. I'm pretty darn sure the resistors are fine. I have been wrong before though.
Hi, The fan seems to go out in low or high speed from the ones I have had. Replace the fan. Mike
I didn't know that the fan motor had different speeds. I thought the resistors did all the controlling?
It sounds like you have a burnt out resistor, or if they have been replaced, a bad solder joint. I messed around replacing resistors for years, and they would last a while, then give out at a really awkward time. I finally bit the bullet and got a new resistor pack from Toyota, no more messing around, and it'll work for the next twenty years...
I just thought that if I jumper the resistors, have fan speed set on 1, I would have the fan run at full speed?
Here's the wiring diagram, as you can see, they control the speed by adding resistance to the ground side of the motor. 4 speeds and off, three additional resistor steps from straight ground. Not sure where you're jumping, but just follow the diagram.

Better shot of diagram,

Certainly cheap enough, if you don't mind the look. Not sure it'll last as long, or be as rugged as a stock resistor pack though. But an excellent budget option, Well done!
I solved my issue. I ran a wire from the 1st speed down to the resistor. Must be a broken wire. I have all 4 speeds now. Thanks for the awesome help!

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