[NM] FZJ80 Locking Diffs Switch

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Jun 27, 2011
New Mexico
Toyota 84725-60020

Brand new, never installed, switch dial functions 100%, but I seem to have lost the Toyota bag with the part number on it somewhere along the line. Rest assured, I ordered this switch personally from Freeman Toyota in Santa Rosa (CA) back in 2008 and it is a genuine Toyota OE part. I can't say for sure what year/models this switch will fit, so the buyer is on their own for that.

I really hate being 'that guy' with his first post in the classifieds, but I've lurked here for a long time and have been referenced here for info countless other times. I've decided to go a different direction with locker controls in my Tacoma and this part just doesn't garner any interest on the Tacoma-oriented forums. Figured the best place to offer it up is forum populated by 'Cruiserheads! Images below are thumbnails, click on 'em for full-size photos.

$30 shipped from New Mexico for CONUS sales.

Darn it... I was looking hard for one of those a few weeks ago for my Tacoma! Even ordered it from a local toyota dealership, only to find that they didn't actually place the order when I went to pick it up...

Traded that truck for a cruiser that already has one of these switch, so I don't need it, BUT that's a great deal for someone who does. Item was like $60 from Toyota.

Good luck!
For whatever reason, I'm not able to edit the first post, but this thing is gone!

SOLD 7/7/11

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