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Nov 15, 2009
Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
87025 Alabama, United States
I have been pondering this sale for a few months now and I am ready to put it out there to see what happens. I am selling my 1997 triple locked 80 series 12v Cummins swapped Land Cruiser. I purchased this 80 in January 2019 from Classic cruisers in Colorado where it was being sold. I have used it as a daily driver, tow rig, and mild explorer the whole time I have had it. I has been a great do it all rig but I no longer need a tow rig and ideally I would like to get back into a first gen Tundra or second gen Tacoma as a dd. I have other land cruisers, don’t worry.

The odometer reads 245,xxx but I still use it as a daily driver so this number will continue to change. The Conversion was completed at 208,xxx miles on the odometer, so the conversion has 36k or less on the drivetrain.


The conversion was done Professionally at a shop in Albuquerque NM. The shop owner who did the conversion went to work at Classic Cruiser performing the same swaps up there and was there when I purchased the 80 to talk though what was done.

  • The Cummins 12v is the rotary pump version out of a 1993 Dodge. It was completely rebuilt and had 12,000 miles on the engine when I bought it. Currently the engine has about 36,000 miles on it.
  • The engine is mated to a NV4500 transmission and HF2A transfer case that that had been rebuilt and installed at Classic Cruisers. Originally the conversion was completed with an Auto trans but the prior owner after driving it for 11,000 miles decided to convert it to the manual transmission. When I bought the 80 the transmission and transfer case had 1,000 miles on the rebuild and installation. Currently they have about 25,000 on them since the rebuild.
  • When I purchased it I had Classic Cruisers install an overdrive gear in the transfer case to reduce the engine RPMs.
  • This drivetrain has been awesome but has had one weird issue I am still trying to diagnose. If you turn the engine off or kill it on an incline it will not start. If you let it roll flat it will fire right up. You can drive it anywhere as it is and I am still using as a dd. I have replaced the lift pump with a factory Cummins pump as part of my trouble shooting process and am still working through it. I am happy to talk through this with those interested. I hope to have it fixed before it sells.
  • I have changed the oil every 6,000 miles since I have owned it using Valvoline oil and Mopar filters.
  • Both front and rear axles were rebuilt at the time of the conversion. The third members were not rebuilt.
  • Both front and rear lockers work.
  • Brakes were gone though at around the time of the conversion.
  • I installed Slee Braided Steel extended brake lines a little over 1000 miles ago when I installed a new lift.
  • A little over 1000 miles ago I installed all new Fox 2.0 Shocks, Slee 4” Medium front and rear springs, Delta rear panhard bracket, Dobinsons adjustable front panhard, and used Ironman castor correction brackets.
  • I had an alignment done within the last 200 miles.
  • Rims are Steel 17x8 Vintique Smoothies
  • Tires are 37x12.50r17 Good Year MTRs, will update with tread depth later
  • I do have a matching spare (not pictured) I just need to have it mounted on the rim.
  • ARB Front Bumper that shows use.
  • Warn 10,000lb winch with a new control pack and remote
  • Slee step sliders that were just blasted and re-powder coated
  • Rear Swing out bumper is custom made by and unknown manufacturer. It fits a 37” tire perfectly, has a 2” receiver that is tied into the frame and has a 7 and 4 pin trailer connector.
  • The interior shows normal wear but considering the conversion looks all factory.
  • Front seats were replace with a set out of an LX450. They have some cracking, the only rip is in the passenger side and is about 2 inches long. All seat controls work.
  • The 2nd row seats are the same some cracking but no rips. They show their age.
  • No third row seats.
  • I replaced the dash with a nice used one that has NO cracks.
  • I replace the visors with a set from a Lexus, they are firm and stay up.
  • Replaced the steering wheel with a nicer clean unit. It has one small blemish on it and shows normal wear but does not have tears or pealing.
  • The manual shifter console was swapped out for a brown 97 80 series manual console to match the interior and keep it as factory inside as possible.
  • All the window and door lock switches work.
  • All the gauges and dash switches work except the cruise control.
  • The radio antenna just quit working when I installed an after market radio. I am not sure if it just doesn’t work with the new radio or if it died. I will try to figure that out too.
  • The sunroof works as I should.
  • The Windshield has a crack in it but I will have it replaced before it sells.
  • The rest of the exterior glass is in good shape.
  • All glass except the windshield is tinted
  • The body is strait and not rusty but does have 2-3 dings like door type dings. It is not perfect. No major or significant body damage.
  • The hood has louvers added to it to vent heat out of the engine bay.
  • The paint is Green and just sucks, it has desert faded clear coat, the clear coat is completely gone from the hood and cracking at the tops of the front fenders.
  • The paint has plenty of pin stripes from trail use.
I do have some of the documentation from the original conversion I will pass on to the new owner and any other receipts that I have for things I added.

The 80 has been great I have averaged 21.5 MPG at speeds between 65-75 and 18.5 MPG towing an 80 back from Flagstaff at the same speeds. It runs right at about 2000 RPMs at 72-73 MPH. If I still had a regular need for a tow rig I would keep it but I don’t.

Possible partial trades

I would consider full or partial trades for 1st gen Tundra, 1st gen double cab Tacoma, or maybe a 2uz swapped 80. I could also be i interested in complete 2uz drivetrains or a 100 series that would be a good candidate for a donor for a swap. I would also be interested in a 4 door 70 series pick up too, I realize they are pretty hard to find.

I am asking $34,000 but open to reasonable offers. I am located in Northern New Mexico.

I will try to get some pictures taken this weekend. I just needed to get this up so I would be motivated to do it. I am sure I probably forgot something, so please ask if you have any questions. I will edit or update this add as I recall anything I missed.





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Oct 18, 2017
Blacksburg, VA
What's the mileage on the vehicle itself? I realize it's had a great deal of work done on many systems, but curious how much mileage the oldest parts/systems have seen. Look forward to seeing what it looks like.


Nov 15, 2009
What's the mileage on the vehicle itself? I realize it's had a great deal of work done on many systems, but curious how much mileage the oldest parts/systems have seen. Look forward to seeing what it looks like.

The odometer right now reads 245,xxx. I still use it as my DD and for me that means I drive it about 2-3 days a week, so that number will continue to change.


Feb 1, 2018
Huntsville, Alabama
Dennis had the truck out at SAS and he showed me around it one afternoon (thanks for humoring me, Dennis). That's a slick truck with a well done install.


Nov 15, 2009
Can you please post pics. Very interested

Pictures added. I have more I can send to anyone intetested just send me a pm with your phone number and I will text them to you. If you want to see something specific just ask.


Nov 15, 2009
Last week my wife and I took this 80 to the Silverton Colorado area and took it up Ophir and Black Bear passes. The next day we drove the entire Alpine loop starting in Silverton, then going over Cinnamon pass to Lake City, over Engineer pass and down to Poughkeepsie Gulch to go up and over California pass and back to Silverton. Driving across the top of Engineer pass we encountered some snow, it was the only time I engaged the FT and RR lockers, they engaged and disengaged just as they should, snow was no problem. We poked around some other areas and mines as well, the rig performed flawlessly and averaged 29.3 gph on mostly trail driving. Cruising at 75-80 MPH on the way home we averaged 17.5 gph. When you put it in low range it goes where ever you point it. It was a fun trip but the 80 is still for sale. I am sure I will regret it one day. I will add a few pictures from the trip when I get a chance.





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