For Sale [NM] 1978 FJ40 disk brake axle with Aisin hubs and a lockright

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Dec 15, 2010
United States
I have a 78 40 series axle with disk brake, small pattern arms, aisin hubs and a lockright for sale. I recently rebuilt the axle with all new bearings, wheel and trunnion. I installed my lock right kit and had the 40 birfs machined to accept the aisin hubs. It has spring perches for SOA along with the factory SUA perches and has not been cut and turned. THis would be a perfect upgrade for an early 40. It has the original 3rd member with 4.10 gears.

$450 for the axle plus shipping.
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Very reasonable price!!!!

I thought so. I guess if it doesn't sell buy the time my Ruffstuff perches get here and I'm ready to install my 62 axle I will break it down and sell parts off of it.
I just looked at a 78 yesterday near near Glenwood springs. It's gonna need knuckle seal job and who knows what else.

If I can sway to owner to sell if for what it's worth I may be interested. I will let you know in day or two.
parted it out........................and keeping the lock right for the time being
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