NLA Weathertech and Husky 200 Series Land Cruiser Domed Stickers (200 Series Weathertech Lexus too).

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Nov 2, 2006
No longer available!

After a lot of PMs I've decided to offer the domed Land Cruiser decals again for the Weathertech and Husky Mats. I will also be ordering Lexus logo stickers (Weathertech only) for the 200 series. I know other members have confirmed these fit other series, but I have not directly confirmed. If you measure your oem decal I can confirm for you.

If interested, please PM what you would like and I will send payment details.

Cost will be $25 shipped for three sticker (Driver/Passenger/Cargo). If you pay any way other than Paypal Friends and Family, please pay $26.50 to cover Paypal fees. I can mix stickers between Husky and WT if you have different front and cargo mats.

PM me for payment details. No orders will be accepted after February 2.

When you send payment, please be sure to send your name and address through Paypal and they type of mat you have (Weathertech/Husky). Please do not forget to add whether you want Weathertech or Husky shaped stickers. Failure to do this may result in a delay, refund or receiving the wrong sized decal! I'm only making on order. I won't be doing this again in the future.

As with the first go round, you may need additional glue to ensure these stick permanently, especially on the Weathertechs (slicker plastic).

For those in the initial order group, plan to have your stickers before the end of February based on the vendors timing.

@Eric Sarjeant @Scotch @chefope @Tighe @snowpup

Pictures attached to give you an idea.



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