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Jul 12, 2015
I was really surprised to see so many of you chime in on this thread. Anyone intersted in a central Jersey meet up? I would offer to host, but my condo neighborhood doesn't have tons of parking. A Saturday or Sunday with some beers, wrenches, Cruisers, and brats sounds nice now that the weather is warming up. A weekend in May would work for me.

Let me know if you're interested, if you could host, and what dates work for you.

right now my weekends are tied up until the end of may early june but im in. sundays are usually free and I work every other Saturday soa Saturday evening would be fine
Didn't think you would make the trek all the way down hear, but you are certainly welcome to join. I have a buddy with a farm in Allentown, NJ. There is ample parking there and garage space for two Cruisers. This weekend I am picking up my 80 from OTRAMM. The following weekend, May 18/19 would work best for me as my 140k service is due on the 200.

Do either of those dates work for anyone?
I will be at the farm in Allentown doing some maintenance on the 200 and the 80 this Saturday from mid morning till the late afternoon. If you'd like to join me, just shoot me a PM
Anyone want to meet up and help install my new rear bumper on the 200?
Just stumbled onto this thread. I've had my 87' 60 for about 2 years now and am looking forward to learning more and meeting some more LC enthusiasts in the area. I'm located in CNJ near Sandy Hook.
Anyone interested in meeting up either this weekend or the following weekend? I need to install the rear bumper on my 200 and undercoat it with woolwax.

I have a 5 gallon bucket of woolwax and would be willing to undercoat some other trucks for a reasonable cost.
Central NJ - Cream Ridge is where I do most of the work on my trucks. It is my buddy's house which has plenty of tools in the garage.

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