Nitrocharger shock bushing size for FJ60 (1 Viewer)

Jun 30, 2015
1986 FJ60 test fitting nitrocharger shocks. The plate that attaches to the shocks have different diameter attachment posts comparing front and rear. The shocks I purchased included the larger inside diameter bushings for all 4 shocks. It seems the front shocks have larger ID and these will be fine with the bushings I have. But i need to get new bushings for the rears.

Where can i get these hourglass shaped bushings in correct size? I know I'm going to need smaller ID bushings for the bottom of shock where it attaches to the plate. Do i need smaller ID bushings for the top of shock where it attaches to frame? I assume this is the smaller ID as well. (I currently have the larger ID bushings for top and bottom of rear shocks) I don't have the frame back from paint and I was hoping someone could tell me what bushings to get and where to get them to make the rear shocks fit correctly.


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Jan 9, 2003
Did this come from Cruiser Outfitters? If so let us know an invoice number and we'll get the conversion bushing shipped out ASAP!!

If they didn't come from us, I'd contact whomever you purchased from and they should be able to correct the problem for you without charge. If they can't/won't or have no clue what you're referring to. Give our sales team a call and they can sell you the correct parts needed. 801-563-1277

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