Nissan Titan 18 x 8 inch wheels

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May 21, 2011
I got some Titan 18 x 8 inch wheels with stock metric tires that are about 33" x 10.5" with nearly new tires from a neighbor who had to move and didn't want to take them.

Anyone put these on an FJ80 before?

I believe those wheels have a center hole that will not work due to it being to small. You would have to have the center enlarged.

As for anyone using these, I have yet to see any surface.
I bet it will look great. Pics please, if you make it work.
cost 160 dollars for dismount, boring remount and balance, center bore matched to avg of back wheel center bores:

Glad to see you got them to fit.

Did you repaint the Rig?
I bought it with beat up fender flares and bumpers and an obvious and cheap repaint. Will be filling the flare holes painting and building bumpers, Its a work in progress.

It came with OME J springs and heavy rears on otherwise all stock suspension, I swapped in stock springs until I get the diesel swap in.

Glad to see you got them to fit.

Did you repaint the Rig?
How much did they have to bore off? On dodge's, h2 rims are very popular and most people just take a hole-saw to the hole..

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