Nissan Patrol on CL.

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Nice old rigs. Saw one similar to that, with hard top, northbound on the 101 a week ago. John
Nice old rigs. Saw one similar to that, with hard top, northbound on the 101 a week ago. John

What about parts? I would gather not easy..
There's a 40 next to it. Maybe someone here. I know Duane that I bout my hardtop from down there has a Patrol or two. Might be him.
There's a really nice Patrol on display in Tucson at the Nissan dealer (Thouroughbred) on 22nd St (about 3 Blocks West of Craycroft)

It's parked up on an elevated display area in front of the dealership.

Pretty cool rig.

Couple of Pictures

Rocky and the Patrols...






Drove past them last Friday. Your 40 is looking good Chuck.
When we're these photos taken?
This afternoon (2/7).

I drove in and found out that they are in the Employee Parking Lot, (I thought it was the used car annex).

Anyway - I went over to the the HQ, and asked if I could get some pix, and Oscar (the owner) said to go for it. He says the bodywork is solid on both cars, but he is having trouble getting the parts for the engine / drivetrain.

I am not sure if they run or not - they definately have not moved in 6 months.


PS. Thanks, Jim - it must be that CSC sticker you can see in the first picture behind the hood!
There's a pretty active online community for Patrols... but that doesn't mean I'd ever own one of the damn things again. Positive ground electrical system. Need I say more? When I owned one in the late 70s it was hard to find parts. Imagine today...
FYI, engine is a P-series, it was put in forklifts and all rebuild parts are available here in the USA. The internals of the P-engine are almost all the same as the P40 (much more common here in the USA) and also the PPU. I have had several rebuilt using these parts.

Not much to a starter or generator besides some brushes and a bearing or two and a few brass/bronze bushings.

If you type "ebay australia" in google and then search ebay.aus for G60 Patrol tons of stuff comes up. Axle rebuild kits, wheel cylinders and more.

The trans & t-case is hardest to get parts for but I ordered last winter the t-case output seals from Nissan here in the USA and they showed up no probs. Bearings can be matched by going off the numbers on them. The hard part to get in the gear box is synchro rings. However, they are still made and I have been purchasing them out of Colombia, South America. Not long ago we rebuilt both the trans & t-case using all new parts so it can be done.

Very easy to convert the trucks to negative ground and or a one-wire GM alt.

Body parts can be had out of Colombia, South America also.

So contrary to popular belief, parts can be had for the motivated enthusiast.

Can you get things like glass turn/tail lens? Nope. Rubber on the trucks is NLA and very hard to find. Basically for that restore good original rubber or make your own. Or drop some coin and have it made. Dash knobs are also NLA, but thanks to Cruiser enthusiasts, they can be cast if you have an original to go from. Even trashed ones can be cast new, cost is $60 the first time and $30 after that.

Rumors are rumors. Imagine what it takes to restore an old super rare car from the 20's or 30's or even 40's. People do it, so it can be done.


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