Nissan patrol gr 3.0

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May 21, 2009
hello lads
im from ireland i drive a nissan patrol from which i own for 2years it is the patrol 00 model 3.0 turbo gr and i have had zero trouble from it,now i have 135thousand miles up and the privous owner said he never had trouble either. my friend also has the same model a 01 model and had a staggering 350thousand miles up and never a spanner put to it.

my point being is that from all my research online it seems all the troublesome patrols origonate from austrillia,and we have come to the conclusion that it must be a combination of the hot climate;)/sandy/dusty conditions,lots of towing and bad/water in diesel problems,apart from the killer problem for these engines (water in the diesel,ifrom my research i have come to the conclusion that TOWING kills that vairable vein turbo and causes overboosting from the pressure that is applied from trying to boost under heavy towing,this veichle weighs 2 tonne and has a very high towing capacity,but i myself think that it isnt able for the limit it is supposed to be able to toe.......;)

in other words if you want a relibale patrol 3.0,dont toe too much lol

let me know yer thoughts on this....
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