Nice military trailers

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Jan 3, 2008
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Nice military trailers....With PIX

I looked at a couple of trailers today. They are not what I was hoping to find, but both were in great shape. They are the larger of the military trailers like you would find behind a duece-and -a-half. Measured eight by six and payload is 2250! Both had canvas bows and working brakes. Seller is asking 550 but said "cash money talks". If you need a bigger trailer, these are a steal. Look close to new but built in '68! I can post pix later if anyone wants.

Sorry it took so long for the update, but life has been happening pretty regularly around here. The man to talk to is named Lynn. (205) 296-8528. They are located between Montevallo and Alabaster on a farm. The plyboard is just a platform someone built over the tongue, and can be easily removed. The other trailer did not have it added on to it.
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If you have a pic post it up please! I really rather have one of the smaller trailers though.
PIX and Contact info is posted

bump for contact update
anyone know where some of these are for sale? I'm wanting to work on an adventure trailer for camping/kayacking trips.
There often show up on the Huntsville craigslist

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