Nice FJ40 for sale in Durham

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Dec 15, 2003
Had a buddy call last night about a FJ40 sitting in a lot on Guess Road in Durham right off I-85.

I know nothing about it other than what he told me. Some of you guys may have seen it, figured I'd post it here in the case someone local wanted to check it out.

Sounded nice. 1970 I think with no rust issues (can't imagine zero rust but that's what he says). V-8 conversion. Man-A-Fre lift with 35's. Open diffs / thus hasn't been wheeled. Sounds like it was built at Man-A-Fre and in CA and the current owner bought it and brought it back to NC.

Here's a link with the business name, number and map of it's location. Price is $9500. design build&qc=Building Contractors

** NOTE: Some of this info may be inaccurate as this was a 10 minute conversation with a non-cruiser guy who went to look at it. **

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