Nice clean fj62 downunder

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Yeah I was talking to my bro about thiamine yesterday, all I can say is pity it's not diesel. Not worth much down here.
What's the price difference between gasoline and diesel, or are there also registration fee issues, too?
Sorry to go off topic, but I noticed that I got the exact same side steps on my cruiser. I thought that it was custom made from one of the previous owners. I might be mistaken there. Any one know of any brand/make on those steps?
looks clean...would be a good project for someone in that area.
Yes, it's a 60.
That looks Like a carbed 3f with the power steering on the RH side
that is a nice cruiser. not liking the running boards, but it is a nice one.
Love that rear step bumper. Alot.
Never realized the 3F doesn't have the carb fan or vents in front fenders. Thought that was a diesel only thing.
Is that an external voltage regulator on inside of left fender?

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