NIB OME J Springs and Long Travel Shocks

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Mar 11, 2006
United States

I have the following OME springs and shocks for sale. They are new in the box, never been on a vehicle or out of the box. These fit 91-97 80 series Land Cruisers. AS OF 4/30/2008 THESE ARE STILL AVAILABLE.

2x 863J

2x 850J

2x N74L

2x N73L

I am asking 400.00 plus shipping from 20171.

Guys, please don't tell me you want these unless you know you what you are buying. For this set up you will need caster correction, adjustable panhards, extended brake lines etc. Basically everything in Slee's 4" kit less the shocks and springs.

Shipping - I live about 50 miles from 4X4 Connection. If you go to there site and add these items to a shopping cart you can get a freight estimate. Basically you are looking at 2 boxes 22x16x11 @ 56lbs each shipping from 20171. It is going to be between 70 and 90 bucks to any place in the US.

I accept paypal,
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PM sent.
2nd in line if Thai doesn't work out.

PM's received and answered. Thanks
Put me in line if the others fall through.
All PM's recieved and responded to. I am waiting on ThaiCruiser. I need to hear from him today or they go to the next in line.

I knew I should have checked the classifieds thread this morning! :doh: In line as well if anyone else falls through.:)
Second in line is on the clock. Thanks guys.
Hey guys, second in line here. I have PM'd 804 this morning and let him know the J's are probably not the best option for my build so I am going to let these go to the next person in line. He is a great seller and straight up guy!

Good luck............

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TTT Still available
Help bump for a good deal. :)
Pm'd you.
Who did these sell to? I thought I was next in line? :confused:

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