For Sale NIB ARB RD153 Air Locker

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Apr 21, 2012
granada hills,CA
NIB ARB RD153 Air Locker SOLD!!!!!

SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello guys, My friend has a ARB RD153 air locker he wants to get rid of, he bought it for his 91 LC but decided to go a differant route. this locker is brand new in box. it will work on these toyotas for the rear axle if im not mistaken.
1969-1983 40-series
1969-1980 55-series
1981-1987 60-series
1988-1990 62-series
1991-1993 80-series

1993 landcruiser with the semi floating axle only!

Price is $750 shipped! lowest price you will see and this will go quick! ship to US only

i will be leaving to go out of state later tonight but i will try and keep track of my emails and pm's. i prefer a pm or email to thanks
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