next step on the zombiehunter

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Dec 7, 2007
Raccoon City
Ok, i've had the Cruiser for a bit over two years, just about everything has been baselined i believe the HG was done before i bought it but not sure, no probs so far other than noisy birfs. (grr)
done some of the less monetary prohibitive mods. Still on that list is the CDL switch and extending the Diff breathers. Finish off the center console

After finally getting the funds up in the discretionary fund i'm wanting to move onto the next step.

After reading volumes of posts here, i'm leaning towards
  • ARB bull bar w/winch
  • light force lights
  • sliders
  • drawer system
What is the consensus from all y'all? Or am i missing something?
the goal with the cruiser is to focus on an expedition of build, not a dedicated rock machine, i.e something to use as a platform while hunting zombies. Eventually a rack, rear bumper with carrier, aux fuel tank etc.

The center console is something i've been working on for a few months when time permits, it will be steel, closely resemble the OEM shape, incorporate DOJ approved locks for storage, ham and CB docks, and the much needed cup holders to keep you properly hydrated while huntin zombies. There is a gen 1 sketch here
I'd lift it before adding the weight of an ARB to the front. It's going to 'stink bug' anyway, plan on getting a non-traditional set of lift springs so that the truck will sit as level as possiable.
will the "stinkbug" be drastic? my concerns with the lift are
  • too high or not high enough
  • clearance to get to my parking and parking in general ( i live in a city and most parking is in garages)
  • after reading about lifts here i'm more cornfused then anything, springs, spacers, J's, bushings, all chinese, my experience is with hot rods
I do plan on doing a lift but not sure about the order of doing everything.
Food for thought:
• You don't want to have your arms wrapped up under the truck, sitting in a pool of hot coolant, changing your PHH in the field when the undead are afoot. Trust me. PHH is a cheap one to knock off the list.

• Snorkel might bring fresh, non-zombie-virus-carrying-blood-splattered-air into the engine, especially if you're taking zombies out with your new ARB bumper.

• I'd add a HAM radio. CB just doesn't have the reach to get out of the local infestation area. Important to be able to alert outside agencies in the event of an attack.

• Extra fuel. Either a sub tank or the ability to carry spare cans of fuel. 300 mile range may not be enough.

• Food and water storage are important. Consider a water purification system in lieu of packing more than a couple gallons.

• Machete mount for the ARB bumper. I am working on a prototype bar that mounts to the upper light mounts on my ARB. It sits almost head level and will project the machete-type blades to the left and right of the truck. I will be able to remove the bar and mount it to the accessory tabs on the DS of my MetalTech sliders. When installed, you will be able to cut the heads off zombies as you drive by, so even a glancing blow from the ARB will be deadly.
WTF is up with the zombie hunting? We killed all those mf's around here years ago.... I want in if there is a new hunt going on!

Check out my storage system for the 80, you can see the nice location for storing the zombie slaying guns and ammo. I also have folding wings on the side which accomidates 6 gallons of holy water very snug.
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hmm, so i'm pretty much decided that the following will be next.

  • Ext Diff breathers

  • CDL switch

  • ARB bull bar w/Winch (not sure which winch - Suggestions)

  • Lightforce lights

  • Safari Snorkel
  • Get started on the dual battery set-up
finish the Center console project.

I'm at a crossroads as to whether or not do the lift or sliders first.
I really dig the drawer system, but as my wood skills are limited to skateboard ramps 20 years ago

i think i'll go with metal and fab them myself.

The machete mount:D I'd be concerned that one of the berkley whackos might try and use it to make me give up the cruiser to a zombie in the sense of equal rights for Zombies. I think i'll go a bit less obvious.
Here's a pic of the last type of zombie eradication machine i was using during the first Z war.

Your Right about the Holy Water, its UV light that kills Zombies, Maybe we could rig up some new HID's with a UV filter, that way we dont have to get close to them. The holy water was for the Cruiser in case a zombie punctures the radiator.
Do the lift first, that way when you start adding the weight of sliders, bumpers etc you wont look like you lowered the truck, unless you like that look. The only good thing about a lowered truck is that the zombies cant hide underneath and surprise you.
which lift?

i'm not going extreme in height so i figure OME 2.5 is sufficient, but med or heavy springs?

with the end goal of an expedition build, i would imagine the heavy since i'm planning on having a bit of stuff. am i correct?

or do i have to do something completely different, i want it to sit level after its done.
if you plan on drawers and a rear bumber i think the heavies would be good. I am getting the heavies myself and actually dont mind a little stink bug look when its empty. plus after a few years the heavies will settle a bit depending on how u use the rig. If its too stink bug you could always throw a couple of fat zombies in the back.
OME Heavy rears and J fronts would be pretty level I'd think. Call Christo to confirm, but I think some are already running this 'hybrid'.
Here is a winch suggestion........................

Does this winch fit the ARB winch bumper? That would greatly increase my zombie hunting capabilities, what with not having to add, wire, and plump an air supply along with a winch... less down time!

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