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May 29, 2008
Boulder County Colorado
While oil priming my newly rebuilt 2F on the stand. I noticed a small pool of oil on the floor. Looked at the rear main seal and sure as daylight their was a leak. It was originating from the contact point of the seal and the crank...not between the journal and seal.

While assemblying the engine I did the following to install the rear main seal.

1 placed all bearing shells into respective caps, and rods
2 assembly lube and layed in the crank
3 set the journal caps in loose
4 attached the con rods loose w/lube of course
5 set the rear main seal into rear cap assy and snugged the bolts a bit. looked to see that it was seated well and that the inner seal skirt was riding in the respective sm. groove in the crank
6 Then carefully torqued the bolts in sequence, checking the rear main seating one more time.

Huh...the sucker leaks now under pressure...Its not a OEM seal, but looks like a good aftermarket... I do have another seal available (OEM Toyota slightly used) but dont want to take the pan off, and reset/retourque everything again.

Is it a good practice to just R&R the seal from the rear without loosening the rear main cap?

Any suggestions are appreciated...
It is simple and common to r&r the rear seal when changing clutch. Now is the time to put in an OE
M seal. Reduce your future headaches. It's way easier to do It now for 10-15 bucks and not have to drop the tranny. I just did mine, cheap INS to do it right the first time.

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