Newport News, VA mechanic

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Nov 16, 2004
Can anyone recommend a good 80 series mechanic in the Newport News, Virginia area?

Also, can anyone recommend some places to go with my 80 in this area?

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I used to know a guy who specializes in brake shimmy and right hand sweeper wobbles but I forgot his contact info...
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Isn't stucky in VA?:D :D
Damn right im in VA. We usually go to either GWNF in Harrisonburg or Devils Ditch near Charlettesville for trails. As for a shop I have yet to find a good one.
I lived in the Hampton Roads area for about a year and I didn't find many places to go...except for the beach. You can be at the Outer Banks in about an hour from Newport News.

Devils Ditch (Charlottesville) is about 3 Hours from Newport News and GWNF in Harrisonburg (My Hometown) is between 4 & 4.5.

Uwharrie is about 5 hours from Newport News.

Zach McNelis
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I'm in Chesapeake, Va Beach and Norfolk. Maybe we can set up a wrench-a-thon this three day weekend to keep up with the PMs. I do not know any 80 good mechanic in Hampton Roads other than me:flipoff2: I do all the required maintenance both scheduled and unscheduled that is why I have the FSM and EWD and of course
Thanks guys. Hey MikeD good to see ya. The outer banks sounds like a cool place to wheel after living in the desert for 7 years. I'll be checking that out for sure. I'll keep my eyes open for a good wrench in the area.

MikeD used to be my mechanic, but now I live 3000 miles away from him and I get fined if I am caught with my hood open in the parking lot of my apartment building.

Thanks again!
hey Bean...take it you are new to the area as well. I just moved out here in Nov. The weekend wrench-a-thons 4x4 suggests sounds like a good idea.

I do not know any 80 good mechanic in Hampton Roads other than me
ditto :D

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