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Aug 9, 2012
Just wondering if anyone could give a good link or perhaps give me a quick rundown on the common issues I will see or should look for on a 250k + 100 series.. This looks like a great rig, 2 owners but the conditions around its sale is a bit strange.. they say they traded it for some chrome work on another "classic" vehicle, spoke to the previous owner, things sound legit.. but you never know.. looks really well maintained. coolant does not smell of oil.. no leaks.. some play in the font axel when I turn hard left.. maybe a cv joint need replaced.. ?
Check the 100 series FAQ for maintenance items. Water pump, timing belt, heater Ts, bearing repack, CVs, etc. all come to mind.
What smooth said, but I'd emphasize heater t's. You can look at them, but don't touch them till your ready to replace.
Heater tees ASAP, don’t “check them” they will probably crumble as soon as you handle them. All fluids if unknown condition, fuel and air filter, timing belt and water pump if unknown condition, grease driveshaft grease points, check wheels for play by jacking up and shaking wheels from 12 and 6 position. If they don’t have play, don’t worry any more about it. From there, just start following regular maintenance schedule and enjoy.

If you only do one thing right away, change the heater tees. $10 and will take you 20 minutes. They don’t appear on the Toyota maintenance schedule, so even well maintained cruisers often have tees that are about to disintegrate. If they pop it will either strand you, or even cause overheat damage if you don’t notice right away.
I agree on heater tees. I would also recommend replacing the heater hoses since you are right there. I would cut out the old hoses near the tees so that the tees don’t break up and crumble down into the coolant passages. Easier to replace it all than trying to fish plastic out .
When I rotate the wheel lock to lock I get some friction in the steering wheel at the most DS position.. there is a wobble if I drive slow to the left like that.. CV? no vibrations on the freeway and wooble only manifests at the extreme length of the steering to the left.. .. ideas?

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