newbie w/ '73 FJ40

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Apr 14, 2007
Austin, Texas
Hi All,

I just purchased a 1973, 3-speed, no a/c, no p/s, Freeborn red FJ40 here in Texas. I have wanted one of these for 20 years (a FJ40), since high school. Almost bought two over the years and I decided why wait?

I have been reading the FAQ's and all other required reading. I have my manuals on order. Anyway, I have a lot to learn and I just wanted to say hi.

Here's my picture: Dianne, Jacob (2 yr old son), and Big Red on the day I drove it back from Mineola, Texas to Austin, Texas!

Nice 40. Love the red!
beautiful rig. Welcome to the sickness!
Nice looking rig! I also like the red. It does not look like your new truck needs very much work.
"I decided why wait?"

Exactly!!! Welcome and nice truck!
wecome to the site for all land cruiser addicts and owners . one day my 71 will look that good. man thats nice!

Congrat's on acquiring a very nice truck, judging by the one pic.

Welcome to 'Mud and the addiction.

I wish you much enjoyment with your long sought after vehicle.

73's are COOL!! (wish mine looked that good)

Welcome to the addiction!
Get ready to spend more money than you ever expected but have a great time doing it!
Purty truck!
welcome. nice red drum brakes! don't usually like red cruisers but this one is different, me like...

judging from the pic, it's not only you who's thrilled with the Fj!
now post more pics in different angles.
Makes me want to go get another one :D Welcome!
Welcome, and enjoy that Cruiser! Looks great, nice red, also!!:cheers:
Hi All,

Thanks for the warm welcome. This is a great "club"; I have people stopping to talk to me about the truck, especially other Cruisers and I have only had the rig for less than a week. I love it! It's a tank to drive. I am going to keep it original; I promised the guy who sold it to me that I will not put a V-8 in it. I also want to go back to stock wheels. And, I can't wait to actually do my own work on it. I can understand, to a certain degree, the workings in this truck. I haven't been able to touch a motor since my '73 Comet (high school) and my '71 Super Beetle (my 20's).

I have provided a back view as requested.

Again, thank you for the welcome and all the great info on the boards. Oh yeah, it is the original engine w/ 140k. I have a small oil leak, I think on the back engine wall. I have a few rust spots, but that's a cruiser thing.

See you in the Mud!
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Me 2

Hi Dianne,
I'm in Austin too and just bought my first FJ40 (1975) about a month ago. It's good to know more folks in Austin are getting hip to FJ40s. Hope to see you around town !!:cheers:

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