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Apr 18, 2007

I had a 69 FJ-40 in 84 when I was 16 and I should have never sold it to get into a 72 Blazer...things stupid kids do. I've been searching to another cruiser for a for the past 15 years and I final said F it just go and buy something, so I'm about to take the plunge on a 76 with a 350 conversion.

Bottomline is that I know that I'm in for some work, but I'm not looking to make this rig a show piece, but a functional driver and trail rig when I'm out hunting or fishing.

First thing I need to deal with is the steering slop, I don't have the tire specs in front of me but it's running something like 35's that are 15 or 16" wide and I'm not convinced that is the best set-up, I'd rather be in the 31 or 33 range that are like 10.5 wide as I think that will have some impact on slop, but won't solve the problem.

I'm figuring that I'll need new bushings, tie-rod ends, and potentially a steering box and I missing something here (I'm sure I am) and do you all think I'll need a new steering box.

Thoughts, suggestion?

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A lot of folks get cruisers with 'deferred maintainance' issues; welcome to the club! Steering is SERIOUS business, so get on it RIGHT AWAY. Consider towing it to your choice of locations to work on it rather than take a chance on driving it until you know how bad it is.

Get a friend to help you. Just have them turn the steering wheel back and forth while you go thru the system. It's not rocket science. Every component that moves should cause the next component in the line to move.....IMMEDIATELY. If not, that is grounds for repair or replacement. Steering column, box, upper drag link, lower, center arm and so on.

There's more to it, but that's a good place to start.


Mark A.

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