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May 27, 2009
hey guys im kinda new hear, ive been searching around for months and just decided to join to ask a few questions.

my dad and i picked up a 1969 fj40 mostly original except a shackle lift and some 33" bfg muds. When we got it the owner told us the motor had thrown a rod. This wasnt much of a concern because we've had a new crate 350 sittin around wating for a project. Since then we've also picked up a sm465 with a np205 tcase.

so my questions begin here,

Ive looked into adapters to mate the sm465 to the landcruiser 3spd. tcase and they are about $500, and i have been told that since the landcruiser axle pumpkin is not centered you cannot run a np205 tcase. Is this True? If it is would it be better for us to buy an adapter and use the yota tcase or use a chevy axle?

overall plans for the rig is to keep it very streetable, sprung over on 35-37s with a little more wheelbase.

Thanks for any help

Since a 40 is a short wheel base vehicle your going to have a hard time running a centered T-case output to a offset rear axle. You definitely wouldn't want to do it at any kind of speed. You mentioned keeping it streetable so I'm guessing you don't wanna do that.

If you keep the NP205:
> make a Land Cruiser / mini-truck hybrid axle
(FJ40/minitruck hybrid rear axle- Land Cruiser Tech from
or buy one here:
(Home | Proffitt's Cruisers Land Cruiser Restoration)
> use a mini-truck axle altogether (smaller 8" diff than the LC)
> use a domestic axle like you mentioned

Or you can swap over to a Land Cruiser case with an adapter.

Those are just some of your options. The good news is you've found the right place to get answers!

Now post up some pics! :)
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thank you very much for the reply, the hybrid was something i havent thought of and will look into. as far as a domestic axle what are my options for axle in a similar width?

thank you again

i will work on getting pics up asap
are there any chevy axles that are similar width to toyota width?also how much weaker is the minitruck axle?


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