Newbie question: Stuck Plugs (1 Viewer)

Jan 31, 2009
Doing a tune-up on my FJ62, going back to OEM on everything I can, you guys teach well. Everything was going semi-smooth until I got to the plugs, wow, never had plugs that hard to remove, bosch platinums, cold engine, I had to break out the breaker bar, and I'm a pretty big guy. My questions are: Is this normal, should I use break free or equivalent, should I have ran engine to temp, do I need to use anti-seize when install the new ones? wow, if plugs are this much of a challenge I can't wait to tackle the oil pan LOL.

Mar 22, 2005
no jokes about removing the oil pan or that gasket...which can be very difficult and time consuming to clean off the block...

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