newbie question for a dual battery

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Aug 2, 2004
new jersey
Hello sorry for my stupudity on this one; but why go to a dual battery setup?? I want to carry an on board air compressor and maybe some xtra lights; would that be needed?? what are some other reasons pople carry a dual set up; is it just incase the 1st goes down? thanks
When you get your refrigerator (and you will, if you haven't yet...), the dual batts will be heaven-sent.

I've only had to use mine in anger once, it was Rubithon 05 or 06, can't remember which, but after two days in the Springs with the fridge running full bore, and running all kinds of high-powered camplights at night, plus the truck's interior lights, plus the radio, etc., the battery was dead when I tried to start it up Sunday morning to leave. Just flipped a switch to bring the second one online, waited a few seconds, then cranked her right over, no muss, no fuss!
My setup maybe a little backwards, but I have a dual battery (Painless ) setup in which all of my major accessories are connected to the backup battery. I have my 60qt Engel Frig/Freeze (2.7amp draw) and my Warn Winch set up to my yellow top optima. Everything else is connected to main battery. I also keep the spare battery isolated when the ignition is off and combined when the engine is running, and charging the batteries. I know I will probably get laughed at for my setup, but it works for me.
thanks now you guys have given me another project:bang:

Many people are just running the 1700 Odyssey versus the dual battery set up. If you are just going to run a few accessories, that should be fine.

If you want to power a winch and fridge too, perhaps a second battery.

In other words, I don't think it is manditory.
For me it's a few factors:

- running items over night (fridge)
- running high draw items (winch)
- being able to self-jump

The draw of some lights or other accessories isn't enough reason to get two batteries.
As mentioned, depending on your usage, you decide if you need/want one. If it is a DD and goes to the mall with breakdown service available at the push of a phone button, then probably not needed. If you want to adventure out a bit and could be in the situation where you get stuck with a flat battery by yourself, then a good option. The other thread about fitting a larger group 31 battery to replace your main battery
would also be worth considering as an option. By itself, you don't have the backup battery, but you do have greater capacity so you can draw a bit of extra power from it without being too worried about it. A simple dual battery setup can be simple, but rarely is. It is very easy to add another battery with a surepower dual battery isolator in line (or other similar unit) but then to do the job properly you need to add a fuse block and run some new wiring to all your power outlets, fridge, DVD etc so they only run from the second battery. You may also like to put your stereo and interior lights on this battery, but it all take more time and effort.

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