Newbie Q 3: Exhaust Options

Jul 19, 2003
To my blurry and crossed eyes, the cat locations suck (why two of 'em anyway?), the pipe crossing under the frame right at vehicle midpoint (high center risk), that big old muffler can hanging down, and finally the tail pipe waiting to get smashed flat on the first steep departure....

What are the options? Are there different, smaller cats available?
Anyone not running cats (I know, the second O2 sensor...)
Anyone running a slim muffler straight behind the cats with tail pipe exiting just ahead of the rear right wheel?

1996 FZJ80, work in progress
1984 FJ60 Built to the hilt, for sale
Mar 27, 2003
There are quite a few options in this area. Borla and Flowmaster seem to be the most popular though. Both sound great and get you a lower profile muffler.

The cats would be a bad thing to mess with. I wanted to run a test pipe (no after-cat O2 sensor pre-95), but decided it was a very bad idea. If you are in a place where emissions matters, you will not pass. The best alternative is to check out some of the different cat protection the guys here have.

One of the board members here, Keep, has his tailpipe chopped and it is essentially guarded by his bumper. It looks good too.

I'm sure more will chime in, but this is what I know...


★ is in the wrong locale
Jul 2, 2003
Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
Dads FZJ80R only has 1 Catalytic(does'nt have the O2 sensor in the Cat, But is in the Exhaust Manifold) Converter(Most Catalytic Converters are about equally efficient then a stright tube in the same diameter).

As you don't have a Turbo Charger, Go with Straigh Through Silencer(Instead of a Reflective type, Also known as a Turbo Muffler), As it will sound much better. Most Straight Through Silencers are not packed with anything, But some are packed with Steel Wool and even rarer is a Glass(Fibre Glass) Pack(Such as the MareMont Cherry Bomb)

Custom is much cheaper than pre fabricated. Well atleast that is the case in Australia.

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