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Jun 28, 2012
Hello All, I am new to the forum and new to FJ's. Recently bought my first and have big plans for it. Until the engine/tranny swap actually take place, I'd like to take care of the current 3F, out of homage more than anything, ha. We'll snooping around the engine compartment I found two hoses (don't believe they are vacuum lines, way to big) with sections cut out of them, and one male end with nothing attached to it and could use a little help IDing them and their significance.
Thanks to all the FJ experts out there, Im sure this will the first of many "Help Me" ???'s

I'm sure you guys probably know exactly what and where these are, but in case, they are aft of the left front wheel well, in the engine compartment, lonely male end is running parallel to driveshaft.
if it's a US truck then you have a 2F engine (the bell housing and VIN might say 3F, but the gasoline engine in the US was a 2F.

If the hoses are about the same size as the male end and are all located on the drivers side of the engine compartment, then they are most likely part of the Air Injection system. The male end is the inlet to a check valve where air was injected into the exhaust pipe. The AI system was used to provide air (oxygen) for proper operation of the catalytic converter. The system is not needed for proper operation of the engine, but was put on to reduce smog gasses.

If this "smog" system has been removed, then others may be removed, too. If the truck is not running good, you might want to search and read up on "desmog" procedures. It is not so straightforward to remove all smog components from the 2F engine and have it run good when all is done.

Good Luck and Welcome!
X2 on what 2mbb said.

where in MT are you located? There's a bunch of us scattered around the state. I'm in Helena.

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