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Dec 26, 2005
I have recently picked up a '77 fj40. I live in Colorado and do not have to worry about emissions testing in my county. The engine looks to be set up like one of the California models with a ton of emission equip. I am thinking about removing all the excessive vacuum baggage. Will I need to change out the carb in order to feed the vacuum advance to the distributor? I will post the project as I get into it, but I want to have a good game plan first. I want to build it as a weekend driver, not a serious crawler, but something to have fun with.

If you are not currently having any drivability issues with the smog gear, I would not mess with it.

But that may just be me.

Good luck!

The return air pump is frozen. I thought a full clean-up could improve efficiency and performance.
If you do decide to remove/sell your emissions equipment please PM me... I'm trying to add them back to mine.

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