Newbie looking for parts for my 69 FJ40 and a pic...

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Jul 31, 2013
Portland, OR
Hey all
I am a new FJ40 owner and have been a lurker on here as I was shopping. I have attached a pic. It is a 1969. I will go over some more details on it later, but for now I am looking for the best place to get parts to get it where I need it. It was not 100% as advertised so I want to get it to where I want it.
- Where is the best place to buy weather stripping and emblems?
- Where is the best place to get cooling system parts (radiator, hoses, thermostat housing, thermostat, etc)

Thanks for your help!
Thanks guys.... Keep the info coming so I can keep a list.
I don't plan on doing much to it. From what I can tell and understand is all pretty original. It has been restored and repainted about a year ago. The paint was not as professional as advertised, but most of it was over spray on seals and the like. I plan on replacing all that and concentrating on making sure the motor is in tip top shape.
My original plan was to find a tan one and lift, motor, wheel and tire it, but once I found this, I think it makes sense to keep it looking stock. We will see over time, but for now, just going to:
-Replace seals/weatherstripping all the way around
-Replace radiator and some parts of the cooling system (all rusty water running through it)
-New tires (these are stamped 1992)
-Adjust or replace the carb
-Restore the license plates (still original)
-Replace some of the badging

After this stuff is done and I can get it out and play with it for a bit and determine what I will do if anything.
Avoid ccot if you're trying to keep her original. Ccot is the JC Whitney of the cruiser world.

Nice looking rig-glad you want to keep get original.
IMO, do not buy CCoT weatherstripping. You won't like the price of OEM Toyota, but you will like the fact that it fits and seals well. For a '69, some weatherstripping may be harder to find as OEM, but try to get it if you can.

Many online radiator places sell radiators for around $200+ and you can use quality hoses from a parts store - they don't necessarily have to be OEM. I would run an OEM thermostat.
I agree that you have to be careful with CCOT, but you can specify or ask for OEM from CCOT. Based on shipping CCOT overall cost may be the lowest.
With that said, most of my stuff comes from Cruiser Corps.

Avoid ccot if you're trying to keep her original. Ccot is the JC Whitney of the cruiser world.

Nice looking rig-glad you want to keep get original. is a great source for stuff that doesn't absolutely have to be Toyota. rad hoses, bearings, seals, etc... is good for emblems but you have to give them a call.

There are some good threads on mud about flushing the cooling system, each with a slightly different method.

If you have a stock (aisan) carb, FJ40Jim here on mud rebuilds them and does a bang up job by all accounts. Trollhole (mud member) sells non-USA market carbs and everyone loves them.

Really nice looking 40. Welcome to the addiction.
I recently bought OEM emblems (in OEM bags/boxes) off EBay at prices cheaper than our favorite MUD vendors - came from a Toyota dealer, even - go figure
Call Sam Stewart at Lowe Toyota. Awesome prices and free shipping... Have yet to find prices as low. They should have your weatherstripping, lights, and emblems.

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