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Apr 1, 2007
Tucson, AZ
Picked up my 94 this weekend. Thought I'd show a couple pics and thank everyone in advance for the help. (Already have tons of questions.)
One day, maybe I'll be equipped to help others....
Looks you soon shall understand & as others say here "welcome to the sickness" :flipoff2:
Looks great. Just got my 95 last month. I've been trying to break it ever since then but it keeps a ticking. Awaiting the arrival of my ARB bull bar and winch this week. I'm finding out more and more a stock Cruiser is just a blank canvas. It just cost more for the paint.
Welcome :flipoff2: from another newbie, read as much as you can handle and 90+% of your questions will already be answered...

Also welcome :flipoff2: Goz 2 11, cool pic I've got the same color and love it:D Havent seen too many around in this dark blue but I have only been looking hard at 80s for a few months now...
Welcome AronAZ! Nice looking 80 ya got there.
:flipoff2: from a fellow noob.
Congrats on the new 80! I just got my 97 delivered Monday and my buddy gets his 97 on Friday. Let us know if you ever need a hand, we both live on the NW side of Tucson. :cheers:
:flipoff2: Welcome from another NEWB. I agree with the other posters to read all you can. Most of your questions are answered in many threads with many opinions. Pros and Cons for everything - - It gives you so much to think about. The old lady already hates how much time im spending in front of the computer researching................Wait till I get to work under my baby:D
Hey man:flipoff2:

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