Newbie Intro and Trans Temp Gauge Install

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Mar 5, 2007
Fredericksburg, VA
Hey guys. Have been lurking on this site for about a year and have finally decided to join up. You guys are a great source of info and entertainment.

I have been involved in the wheeling thing for about three years and have had my rig for about two years. It's hard to believe I could beat it up so badly in such a short time. I run with a rough crowd and would prefer to blame it on that rather than a lack of driving skills.

Anyway, I have heated my transmission up a couple of times during extended boulder garden runs to the point of lighting up the idiot light. Since then I have had the ATF power flushed (I know this is somewhat controversial) and plan to do a passive flush and switch to synthetic for better temp tolerance. I also plan to install a trans temp gauge so I can better monitor the situation. Plan to us an A-pillar gauge install and was planning to install the sending unit in the service plug on the passenger side of the transmission described in the FSM for checking ATF pressure. Is this a good idea? I think I have located the plug. Can I hurt anything if I take out what I think is the plug and am wrong?

I don't think you have enough room to insert a sending unit into one of the pressure holes. (My Autometer sending unit is about 1 inch long from the thread).
The BEST place to put the sending unit would be the output side of the ATF cooling line. This placement gives you the optimal reading on the temp coming out of the tranny. You can cut the line and rig up the fittings to add the sending unit into the line.

OR, there is a plug that is 19mm (maybe 21mm) that you can drill and tap for the NPT fitting sending unit. This plug is right above the tranny pan on the left side, IIRC.

I'll see if I can find a pic fer ya.
Rodney at Extreme Trans sells a tempurature gauge kit doesn't he?
Have located a couple of easy spots to splice a fitting into the ATF output cooling line. From other threads, it seems this is the line that goes into the top of the ATF radiator. Right? Seems a little backwards.
The output of the AFT line is on the right hand side if you're looking from the passenger's side at the tranny. Note the sensor on the line, that's for the 'AT OIL TEMP' light.

I don't have a tow package vehicle (ATF cooler) so I can't confirm the top hose's flow of the cooler.
Thanks. I have a plan. I'll let you know how it goes.
Install worked out great. Have been wheeling for anout 5 mos with trans temp gauge and has saved my butt and ATF on several occasions. I keep an eye on things when the crawling gets tough and take a couple of min to cool things down when needed.

Thanks for the help.

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