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Apr 9, 2007
Spring Lake, MI
Adding another newbie note here. Have been lurking here for a while as a member of and decided to make the switch since Ive decided to stick with the landcruiser. Currently I reside in Baghdad with 2 ID. Home is in Texas but Im stationed in Colorado. I look forward very much to all the expertise share on this forum. PEACE!
Welcome to the forum and thanks for your service.

Since you posted in the 80's section, I assume you have an 80. How about some details.
welcome. lets see some pics.
Welcome !

Show us some pics and put up the specs of the 80...I assume it is non US looking at your location.
Welcome to Mud, and yeah I'm with the others, need some pics!

Welcome -- and here is one more thank-you for your service!

I can't give you a proper salute here, so I guess the newbie salute will have to do. :flipoff2:

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