newbie here, reliability question on high mileage LC

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Feb 22, 2006
Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Hello ALL.
Newbie here from the LoneStar state, just bought my very first fj80 (92). I have been cruisiing this site for the last few months, reading as best I could all of the threads. SO much so my wife has been accusing me of having a secret relationship with members of the forum, anyway, as mentioned just bought a 92 land cruiser of which I am most happy with, however, to be honest with everyone here I am bit concerned with the high miles my vehicle has, (220,000). I got a couple of kids and I would love to be able to take off camping, wheeling etc to parts of this state without fear of it breaking down on me, I am all for preventive maintenance, so if anyone can recomend what should be done. The LC runs great, no smoke nor any signs of impending problems, PO had done a recent brake job, tuneup, etc. pages and pages of maintenance. From reading the various threads, the general concensus seems to be "don't worry, be happy" as these vehicles are amongst the best and most durable ever made. From driving this LC the last few days, I tend to agree, however, long story short, I got my wife in my ear telling me its too many miles. (yes, she tends to be a little paranoid). Thanks for sharing your knowledge with a rookie.
what would she say if you had bought a second hand exploder with 55K miles? 'cause i would say that it has too many miles.
Welcome aboard noob :flipoff2:

You've read a bunch...that's good. Now exercise the search feature. Try the following:

Search: Key Word(s): preventative, maintenance ;
Forum: 80-Series Tech and child forums

You'll find a bunch of info.

The search feature will get easier to use the more you exercise it. Here is a thread I found....................
you have the 3FE in your FJ80

QUOTE=tenncrusher]I always figured that the 2f and 3fe in my 60 and 62 were good for about 300k before rebuild. I never got that far on either because I got the bug for the next ride.

welcome aboard.


94 FZJ80 Locked 142K 2.5 OME 285's DD Pin 7

Moxwell said:
SO much so my wife has been accusing me of having a secret relationship with members of the forum

I am available.

Yes, use the search... but... I have higher miles than that and wouldn't be afraid to go adventuring. Also, just because there's no smoke it doesn't mean something isn't leaking or burning. If it's any help, I've bent an axle, made it home, snapped a driveshaft, made it home with one.... it's tough to stop these things.

Maybe take the wife out on a short trip to warm her up. I went wheeling with a buddy and his girlfriend once... she was freaking the whole time and it was awful. I felt like rolling the thing off the side of a cliff just so she'd stop worrying about it. :mad:
Welcome :flipoff2:

About the high miles versus reliability worries, I hear you. I drive 1000 miles on the road for every 10 I drive on a trail or the beach, and nothing ever goes wrong (at least nothing that stops the truck). But every time I nose it on to the sand, I think "todays the day something breaks and I'm that guy watching his Landcruiser wallowing in the waves at high tide, with his wife and son wondering how they are getting home..."

But nothing ever happens :D . Doesn't mean it won't, but these trucks are really built to get there and back.

thanks for the info and the welcome! I hope to become a positive and supportive member of this forum, I look forward to the adventures and misadventures that comes with owning an LC.
At least you don't have a PHH!

Welcome to the board. :cheers:

I have a '93 FZJ80 that has 245,000+ miles on it. I still runs like the day it came from the dealer. You can't find a better rig than a Land Cruiser. I should know, I own 3 of them. A '75 FJ40, a "87 Fj60, and the '93 FZJ80. :)

I'm just under 200K in my '94 and its still good as new. When I bought the thing 3 years ago the battery looked old but its still going - the only precaution I take in the boonies is a booster battery in the back just-in-case.

Funny story - my buddy and his wife had twins so he needed a larger vehicle. He bought a 2000 LX with just north of 100K miles. Thing looks brand new. His brother-in-law's family owns a GMC dealership in a small town a few states away. GMC is all the family understands.

His brother called him making fun of his "new" truck with over 100K miles. Finally his sister called and told him not to feel so bad b/c his truck is probably "pretty nice." As my buddy told me this he just looked at me and said "they just don't get it!" The LX will be running long after the '06 Jimmys are at the Pik-A-Part!
I am personally amazed at how nice the vehicle runs and drives especially considering the mileage. But what I am particularly happy about is having the forum and its valued resources a keystroke away. Without the information I managed to find, I shiver at the thought of what I may had purchased had I not managed to find this fantastic site. First camping trip out, plan to hold my first frothy cold one to the skies and toast the wonderful members of this forum. Thanks again.
my 93 has close to 270 on it. I did have to rebuild the front axle as the po had let the seal go bad and mixed the gear oil into the birfs. It was about 1000 in parts, yeah I probably should have bought a used axle but didn't know better at the time. right now my tranny is acting up, not engaging when in 4low. I don't think it's fatal. I wouldn't worry too much. At 260K we took it on a long weekend 250miles on dirt tracks between greenriver utah and lake powell with no issues what so ever. Change all your fluids and pay attention to what comes out. It will let you know of potential problems. Then just drive and have fun
A 92 w/ 220 K miles? You should be able to go another 100 K w/ o breaking a sweat. Make sure all fluids in the drivetrain are kept clean and the rig is well tuned.......3FE's are reliable rigs dude...........
You have the mighty 3FE. I've been broke and not had money to fix certain things on my 91' and the girl kept on trucking. These trucks are very hard to stop. Only advice I can give you is find a mechanic that knows cruiser if you don't already do your own maintence on it.

Oh and welcome :flipoff2:

Nick :beer:

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