Newbie hello/'91 questions

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Mar 18, 2006
Hello all, Newbie here. I've had lots of Toyota trucks but never a Land Cruiser, always too expensive. Might have found one I could afford though.

1991, 147K, Body pretty straight, interior pretty good other than some cracking on the side of the drivers seat, Ft bumper bent a little, has grill guard, looks pretty good, certainly not immaculate, but in pretty good shape for it's age.

Now the bad = it was broken into, needs a drivers window and stereo and dash put back together. The really bad = the crankshaft is broken. The good = I'm a mechanic so can do the work myself.

Couple of questions. This is at an auction, how much is it worth? If I do buy it, what would be the best course to take to fix it?

I'm looking for ideas. I have looked around a little, used engines are rare and pretty expensive. Maybe a 350 swap? Haven't seen where anyone swapped the engine from a '93+ Cruiser so I'm guessing this isn't worth it? What about a Toyota V8 swap? I searched all of these and found the answers to some of my questions, but still not sure. Especially haven't found much info on the '93+ Cruiser I6 and Toyota V8 swaps.

Sorry if I am asking repeat questions, but I really did try and search first.

Thanks for any help.

P.S. I am also very open to fixing the engine that is in it if that is feasible.
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Welcome to MUD. Most of the people here will advise you to hold out for a 93 or newer LC and not even consider an FJ80 in the condition you speak of. For me, that decison would depend on the auction price of the LC you are looking at. I would not pay more than $1000 for it. After you buy it you will have at least another $2500 in getting it back on the road. Let's say you put $4000 in to it, you will be lucky to sell it for that if you had to. You did not state your intended use for the LC. If it will be a daily driver then you can get a used motor here: , along with the other parts you need.
I am no expert on the subject but I think switching to an FZJ80 motor or Toyota V8 is going to be either very expensive or a lot of trouble in the wiring department. There have been a few guys on here that have done the 350 swap, but you may have trouble getting it to pass inspection depending on where you live.
If I were in your situation I would find a complete and running LC whether it be an FJ or FZJ. Second choice would be to do the 350 swap if possible. The 3FE is just to underpowered to put another one back in. You could probably find a used 350 for the same price as a used 3FE.
Do a little more searching your answers are out there.

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