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Jun 8, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hey guys, I have been following this forum for almost a year now and finally decided to join in. I don't own a Toyota of any sort, but 2 of my good buddies here do! Cicak and Gotoy:cheers:. My ride is a 95 Jeep Wrangler.

I got my first Wrangler back in MI in 02, when i was there for school! Parted it away and shipped the whole drive train, axles, winch, tires and all other goodies back to Malaysia in 05! Baught my second Wrangler in Malaysia back than, but it was a stock 4 banger! The one and only model available here.

Started my 4.0 buildup early last year and she's almost there..but not quite! Hopping to get one of Cicak's ride to tow her back as she's parked about 4 hrs away from Kuala Lumpur!

I guess it's best i stop here as this ain't a Jeep hopefully i don't get blared for owning a Jeep! :whoops:
To late no heeps allowed... now if you dump a B motor in it we will be interested.

OMG Fancy confessing to owning a HEEP on a Toyota forum - my my my.

My physcology clinic opens at 8pm bring beer so I can re-educate you.

Ya might as well have tossed a BROWN snake into a outback bar on a saturday nite hahahaa.
Don't blame me guys...back when i was in MI, I did not even know anyone that had a BJ or even a FJ! If there was...i would have got one of those instead! Only Toy that did some trials with us were Tacoma's and 4runners! :grinpimp:

Now, the ultimate plan would be to slap on maybe a 14BT and 80 series axles with lockers on in future! Just these pass couple of months after driving one of cicak's toys....the smallest one digging the whole diesel powered motor's now :clap:
17g ..thats a early 79 series
Blew too much on the Heep got to wait for a couple more years before i could afford another rig. What can i say...times are just pretty bad for me now! :cool:
Wow..the heep owner is here...

Welcome Fairy Heep owner.
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