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Mar 18, 2006
Cortez, Colorado
Hello All,

Just needed to introduce myself and say I just bought my first LC, 1997 one week ago friday. No, no lockers. No, not one owner. But I am happy as hell with it. I did a bunch of research and wanted to get the newest 80 I could afford. I did not think I would be able to get a 97 for under 12K. Everything around here (Tucson AZ) gos fast. I had been looking everyday, I found one 97 one owner with 88k. Gone! Plus, it sold for 16K, way beyond my budget.

Long story short, I found a 97 that was traded in on a new Land-Rover and contacted the dealer before they even recon'd it (gum stuck on bumper!). It has a few minor dings (who cares) on the exterior, stuff like bumpers with pealing paint (need replaced anyway), few scratches. Figure it is already broken in. It needed new brakes, new tires and they said it has an oil leak (can't find any dripping on my driveway yet). 140K. On the positive side, the interior is immaculate. The only seat with any wear at all is the drivers side. Everything works except the antenna and the green square that lights up around the "D" on the trans indicator. R factory speaker is blown. Engine is clean and belts and hoses all Toyota, fluids look clean. I offered 10k out the door but I wanted new tires and brakes. They gave it to me for 9.5K, did the brakes and I bought my own tires. It was not ideal in that I do not know the history, everything appears fine. Drives great.

I have a ton of questions:
Given the unkown history, what stuff should I have done right away. About how much to fix the rear main seal, if that is where the leak is. Anyone from Tucson who knows a good mechanic? At this price, I am prepared to put some $$ into it right away if I need to. I just want the most bang for my buck in terms of increasing the life of this fine machine. I want to keep this thing for a long, long time.

Thanks, Linty
congrats and welcome aboard.

parts: contact cruiserdan at american toyota. you can find him under vendors plus he has a sign come up on the top of this page.

lots of helpful cruiserheads which will answer your questions or you can search the site and spend days, weeks reading and learning like i do. good luck
With that many miles, check your knuckles and see if they are goopy and greasy. If so it is about time for a rebuild. $150 in parts, grease and a lot of shop rags.
Congrats! have fun, both out there and in the garage...!

and best year, of course!

Hi and congrautlations! I live in Tucson as well. I'm wondering if the one you bought was in the local paper and purchased before I had a chance to look at it?!

I am new, too and pick up my "new" LX450 in a few days (Thursday). I can hardly wait! Going to Washington state to get it...

I don't know how much time you have devoted to reading all the threads on 'Mud, but there is a lot to learn. Seems like most questions are already answered...somewhere... A lot of helpful people, too.

Anyway, I am already addicted to the site. I suspect you will be too. Again, congratulations. I am jealous for four more days...
Welcome!:flipoff2: You will definitely want to baseline all your fluids, do your PHH, and replace your starter contacts. Also click on the 80 series FAQ page and plan to spend the day reading, if you like wrenching on your own rig you'll be thouroughly entertained by that page.
Welcome to both newbs!

If you really do want to keep it for a long time, then spend your first $$ baselining all the fluids, belts, hoses and doing a birf job.

You'll learn your truck and save yourself grief later on.

If you spend some time here, you'll learn about the less than bullet-proof aspects of the truck that need periodic attention BEFORE they cause a problem...two have already been mentioned...the PHH and starter contacts. These should be high on your list unless you know for certain they've been dealt with. Cooling system is often neglected on these trucks, too.

These are really great vehicles, made better by a little careful maintenance.

On the D light not working, try smacking the dash right above it. Found it in a search and it worked.

If after you feel your here a while, checkout the silver star link above. Its a way to contribute back to the site and provide more capabilities for posting and communicating with your fellow mudders.

Do step through the FAQ. Modifications and how do those accessories look are two good sections to view to see what you can do with your rig. When you want to get down to business, look at the Maintenance section.

Romer said:

On the D light not working, try smacking the dash right above it. Found it in a search and it worked.


Yep, smacking the dash started the light back up for me. But, I wish I had not done that, as the light is a distraction at night. I actually prefer the "d" light to be blank. Too late for that though. Just think twice before you smack the dash, cuz I tried un-smacking it to no avail!
Thanks everyone, this site is really awesome. I look forward to owning this truck (and perhaps others!!) for a long time. I am into quality and do not care if the vehicle is older. I have owned Volvo 240s for the past 12 years and I still have a 86 245 with 166000, clean and runs great. Just need something a bit more conducive to getting the family off-road (more expedition/camping than rock-crawling) but still suitable for daily-driving. So many of the mods that I have read about might be lost on me, but I am interested in beefing up the bumpers, a nice roof-rack, and protecting that nice leather. I am thinking about the Tuff-Duck seatcovers from SOR and also the Husky-liners.

But, before I do any of that (except maybe protect the interior from 4 kids and a new puppy), I want to PM the important stuff. I know most of the answers that I seek are already here, I just wanted an excuse to say hi and share my excitement with those who truly understand. Thanks all.

Dash-Smack Testimonial

Tried the "Dash-Smack" technique in an effort to get the D light to work: IT WORKED! Already one thing on my list checked off.

Thanks again.:cheers:
See those in the know can save you big bucks. Could you imagine what the dealer would charge to replace the D light bulb. :)
lintynavel said:
Tried the "Dash-Smack" technique in an effort to get the D light to work: IT WORKED! Already one thing on my list checked off.

FYI, you only get one freebie on the dash whack. If it goes out again you'll bust a hole in your dash and break a hand and it still won't come back on. It'll cost you $2 from C-Dan to get a new bulb.

For seat covers, check out Great-Covers. Several of us have them; the fit is great and the fabric is even better. They're cheap if you find them in their "clearance" section.

Welcome "Linty", and I never want to hear the story behind your username.:flipoff2:

Congratulations on purchasing the best year Cruiser!

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