Newbie - 1974 FJ40

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Apr 21, 2007
Wellington, New Zealand
Hey guys, first post and first time landcruiser owner here,
Recently purchased a 1974 Toyota Lancruiser FJ40, shes completely standard as the factory intended for her, apart from some 700x16 SAT tyres.
though iv now added a uniden UHF radio, kill switch and recaro seats
out of an Isuzu bighorn.

1974 SWB Landcruiser
3.9ltr F series engine with 4speed manual.
PTO winch (factory)
Recaro front seats
Uniden UHF 40channel Radio
Fibreglass front guards
700x16 SAT tyres

heres some pics of her at the moment;





future mods when funds allow will include; half doors, front disc conversion, 2" suspension lift, custom bar work on the front, sides, rear and a 6 point cage.

- Dave
cheers for the welcome guys.

just an update for some mods, purchased some brand new parts today for the disc brake conversion, so just waiting for them to arrive then il get started on the conversion.

also purchased some new steel split rims with 750x16 SAT tyres, but they seem to be a bit big right now for the cruiser lol, so may need to speed up that lift kit.

does anyone know if its possible to get smaller bumpstops? the current ones seem rather large and dont seem to allow much travel?

cheers Dave
Right, its been a while, so thought id update this, the truck has now become a full project and has been stuck in the garage since i first posted.

updates include, new front disc brake conversion off a beam axle hilux, hardtop removed, rear sill which was rusty cut out, bought some second hand steel split rims with 750x16 SAT tyres, bought a rear pintle hook for rear recovery, cut the rear guards for when i get the larger mud tyres and flexing happening.

right, now for some pics.

pics of new wheels;

where parts of the rust was;

more of the rust gone;

guard chopping;

without the roof and put some tape on her to see where i wanna cut the doors;

so yeah, thats it, in the next couple of weeks il be starting to install the 60 series power steering, just gotta find a way to mount the pump to the F series engine - bit tight in there, and wil be in the process of making up custom drag link and relay rod for it, so it works all nicely lol

- Dave
Sounds like you have some fun work ahead of you, good luck and looks like your making some good progress so far.

yep, a fair bit of work to go before i get it up to the standard that im happy to drive it at, still need to sort a rollcage, which is the most expensive part lol.

progress could be done quicker, but i only get about an hour a day to work on her, though next weekend will be about 24 hours of solid working as no family around lol
Looks like fun. Are you sure you want to cut the doors tho? Why not keep them and just order some half doors? That way if you ever wanna throw the originals back on, you'll have them...just a thought. I think they look to pretty to butcher ;)
yeah, they are in good nick..but i bought some other ones in a pretty decent condition too.

also planning to do a SOA now as well, and set the steering up the same as similar on a hilux, in regards to the steering damper, does it only work when parallel? or will it work on a slight angle?

- Dave

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