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Oct 15, 2004
Siberia, Russia
Here are a couple of pics of my old work horse.
Resize of P2250002.JPG
Resize of P2250003.JPG
Nice rig :cool:

Looks cold over there :flipoff2: Hope it's not that cold all year round.

What are the specs on your rig? Is it an import or are toyotas available there?
TO: Mickldo
It's actually not as cold as It may look on the picture and I like it when it's cold.
My rig is a 4500cc 1FZ-FE VXR, it is not a full time 4WD, it has FR and RR diff locks, dual gas tank system, all kinds of engine heaters and runs smooth.
The wheels and corner lamps looks like its from an LX-450. Nice
Below 30*C is cold for me:flipoff2:So I guess it doesn't have a/c.

I was wondering about the black dots on the bumpers too.
Nice truck...yes looks like LX wheels. hmmm
on the gold hood ornament....that's got to GO!!!
The black dot is actually a hole for 220V engine heater plug-in. The socket was ripped off and needs to go back in there now.
The emblem on the hood is the factory option for Persian Gulf spec units and it uses a hole in the front part of the hood. Can't really get rid of it.
The original wheels were replaced last year with what you can see now on it. Nice looking rims, huh?
I will try posting some pics of the engine and interior although this is a PITA due to file size restrictions.

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