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Apr 5, 2006
My name is Bill and I'm hailing from the other bay area, Tampa Bay. I picked up this Land Cruiser back in December and I am reel happy with it. I'm on my third Toyota truck, I previosly had a 1986 "One Ton" and a 1994 Hilux 3.0 4X4 that I drove for 10 years.

I have done a ton of research on Land Cruisers and although I was initially looking for an 80 series, there just aren't that many available here in Florida. Really, for me the 100 is a better vehicle. I have a boat to tow and the V8 and 4.30 gears take care of that.

The reasons I pulled the trigger on this particular vehicle is that it had everything I was looking for. Or more specifically stuff I didn't want. I didn't want the horrible gold emblems and fake wood interior. This truck has neither of those. It has a locker and rear air.


Well, I pulled off the running boards and threw some flaps on the front. Then I had some 285 BFG AT's installed. I installed a new antenna stalk. I fixed the cup holder door and threw in some new floor mats. I also put some new Toyota shocks on. They were only $24 each. I also did the 7-pin mod. That's the deal for the boat ramp by the way.

I also started to baseline the maintenance. I did a gear lube change, wheel bearing repack. Serp belt, air cleaner, etc.. I will be doing the T Belt pretty soon too.

I did have a small problem intially. When I removed the resonator to change the serp belt I noticed that one of the emissions nipples that sends vacuum to the charcoal canister was broken. I glued it back on but unfortunately it threw a code P0442 I think. Anyway I got under the hood and determined that I glued the hole shut, so the emission system had ho vacuum to purge with. I shaved the old nipple off and tapped a hole for a brass nipple. Reset the code and it hasn't been back in two months.

Future mods include painting the cladding body color and painting the bumpers a darker grey metallic color. The Taupe color is ugly.

I wouldn't mind building a rear drawer/sleeping platform also.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the folks that have posted on here. I have scored a bunch of good info off this board.

Here's a pic of the truck.


Feb 26, 2007
NoVA/DC area
nice looking truck! i gotta get me some of those meatier ATs on mine...looks a lot tougher than my puny-looking 60-series 18s :eek:


Gotta get outta here...
Sep 20, 2003
Jan 25, 2007
Welcome to Mud.

Nice looking truck.

You may want to add a signature line so that when you post stuff in the future, people will know instantly what year yours is.
Jul 10, 2005
Matthews, NC
Welcome, and great looking rig! I am fairly new as well and this site has been invaluable over the last year.
Aug 2, 2004
new jersey
hello there my sister lives in tampa bay and i often go down there for vaca there is a nice trail out towards lakewand or soething i have it in my truck went there when i had my old 99 lx no cruisers mostly jeeps and pickups next time im there i will send ya a email good luck with your truck

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