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Apr 5, 2006
My name is Bill and I'm hailing from the other bay area, Tampa Bay. I picked up this Land Cruiser back in December and I am reel happy with it. I'm on my third Toyota truck, I previosly had a 1986 "One Ton" and a 1994 Hilux 3.0 4X4 that I drove for 10 years.

I have done a ton of research on Land Cruisers and although I was initially looking for an 80 series, there just aren't that many available here in Florida. Really, for me the 100 is a better vehicle. I have a boat to tow and the V8 and 4.30 gears take care of that.

The reasons I pulled the trigger on this particular vehicle is that it had everything I was looking for. Or more specifically stuff I didn't want. I didn't want the horrible gold emblems and fake wood interior. This truck has neither of those. It has a locker and rear air.


Well, I pulled off the running boards and threw some flaps on the front. Then I had some 285 BFG AT's installed. I installed a new antenna stalk. I fixed the cup holder door and threw in some new floor mats. I also put some new Toyota shocks on. They were only $24 each. I also did the 7-pin mod. That's the deal for the boat ramp by the way.

I also started to baseline the maintenance. I did a gear lube change, wheel bearing repack. Serp belt, air cleaner, etc.. I will be doing the T Belt pretty soon too.

I did have a small problem intially. When I removed the resonator to change the serp belt I noticed that one of the emissions nipples that sends vacuum to the charcoal canister was broken. I glued it back on but unfortunately it threw a code P0442 I think. Anyway I got under the hood and determined that I glued the hole shut, so the emission system had ho vacuum to purge with. I shaved the old nipple off and tapped a hole for a brass nipple. Reset the code and it hasn't been back in two months.

Future mods include painting the cladding body color and painting the bumpers a darker grey metallic color. The Taupe color is ugly.

I wouldn't mind building a rear drawer/sleeping platform also.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the folks that have posted on here. I have scored a bunch of good info off this board.

Here's a pic of the truck.


Feb 26, 2007
NoVA/DC area
nice looking truck! i gotta get me some of those meatier ATs on mine...looks a lot tougher than my puny-looking 60-series 18s :eek:
Jan 25, 2007
Welcome to Mud.

Nice looking truck.

You may want to add a signature line so that when you post stuff in the future, people will know instantly what year yours is.
Aug 2, 2004
new jersey
hello there my sister lives in tampa bay and i often go down there for vaca there is a nice trail out towards lakewand or soething i have it in my truck went there when i had my old 99 lx no cruisers mostly jeeps and pickups next time im there i will send ya a email good luck with your truck

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