newb... do all fj80's have amps?

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May 14, 2010
i didnt reall want to waste my first post on a stereo question, but do all fj80's come with amplified stereo systems? i was under the impression that my truck did not have an amp, but the way that it is responding to a few upgrades is making me think other wise.
Believe so. What year LC?
I think they all have an amp or amps. Check behind the passenger side dash speaker grill. One amp should be directly behind it. If u have a sub in the back, again I believe all do, the amp for it is mounted behind it. Other infor u might find useful since u are messing with the stereo.

- dash speaker replacements will have to be really shallow because of the amp location. If I remember correctly, the dash speakers are wired together with the front door speakers.
- door speakers are 5 1/4" but u can fit 6 1/2" with a little sheet metal trimming. The speakers will also have to be pretty shallow due to the window glass when rolled down.

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