New truck coming

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Jan 5, 2005
Rogersville, Mo.
There is a new truck coming to the club very soon. Not mine but I did have a hand in the process.
Your such as tease
Don't want to spoil his fun. I think he is finishing up and taking delivery tomorrow
Looks like I am going to have to sneak over and post some pictures myself. Thought the proud Papa would have done this by now.
New Addition to the Stable

Picked this rig up Friday from another forum member. So far so good, needs a few maintenance items done but should be a pretty solid rig. Drives straight and has a few goodies already installed. I'll get better pics in a day or so.


Ta Dah

I still own a jackstand queen, however I think it will be rolling around soon!

photo (17).JPG

photo (18).jpg
I need details, what lift? Are those 315's? Detail details, are you keeping the fjc
1996 Lexus LX 450 173K Gonna be a trail rig/daily driver. Not a Trailer Queen

Here is what I know so far. Pretty solid rig from what we can tell. Needs a little TLC in the enginge area. Looks like the engine harness has got to close to the EGR tubing, caught it soon enough that its only melted the insulation. Working on a fix.

Would like to disable the EGR looking at the best way to do it for these rigs.

Has OME heavy lift all the way around, ARB bumper with Smittybuilt XCR10 winch, SLEE sliders. BFG KM2 mud terrains, 315's They are brand new. Rigid LED Lightbar

FJC sticking around. Wife may get it if we get tired of having 3 cars around and the shuffle
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Have you had a chance to use the rigid light bar yet?
In the driveway. Its bright..

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