New Trailer Project

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Jan 10, 2010
Devore, CA
$150 and about 2 hours waiting for the old guy to figure out that he should sell it and I drove home with this. Now it's time to get busy so that I can have it behind the 60 for at least one trip this summer.
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M416 with an aftermarket landing leg and custom frame mods for the rear bumper and can holders. Looks great!!!

What are your plans? Post this up in the trailer section ( if it isn't moved ).
Nice find, Simon! Looks cool.
$150?? you got that in accessories (fuel and ammo cans). Damn, wish I could score that big.

yep, defininately meant for the Trailers subforum.
Any idea what the antenna and ball mount were about?
and the lengthwise 4x top of tub wall on opposite side?

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