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Jan 5, 2005
I've searched and can't decide what is the best turbo to run. I have seen the Garret and the mitsu and the Volvo. What appears to work best and what is the easiest to find. I'm hoping to tubo our 81 BJ42. The oil stuff doesn't seem to bad to figure out. I'm a little worried about the manifold though. I think i'd just run a flipped one. Seems cheap. I have a ton of question so I hope I don't annoy anyone to to much.

I am located temporarily in Prince George BC but will be back to saskabush soon. any locals with turbo'd cruiser please chime in. I'd love to come see them.



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Sep 6, 2004
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search search search.

turbo's have been rehashed on here numerous times.

not that we do not mind talking turbos, but honestly all the info is there.

There is a few options for manifolds. One, 13b-t manifold from GandS, two flipped and plate welded on(fugly)
third, but a kit of elbows and ends, weld your own. time consuming.

best options (13b-t manifold) IMOP.

Kits complete are around 3k CAD. Homebuilt kit honestly can be 1k CAD. Also much time and energy goes into a home kit. Count on not being able to drive for a while. Lots of fabrication. There is no simple bolt on. I had to make and weld lots of items.

But read the threads. too many to read in one night. its probably weeks of reading..........

don't be impatient. there is superb info there. it just takes time to find it all

best of luck. I am in Smithers if you get here often. Not really local tho.

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