New to the world of FJ40's !!

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Sep 25, 2006
7th Bomb Wing 9th Bomb Squadron (TX)
As a current owner of a 2001 UZJ-100 and a 1989 FJ-62 I have been itching at buying a FJ-40. Well, I just happened to notice one for sale in my local TX paper this morning !! Without going into too much detail could I please get some do's and don'ts of the'40 world. Right now the only info I can give is that it is a 1976 model with about 110K on what I believe to be the original motor. It looks to be in rather good cosmetic shape. It isn't lifted or modified which is the way I like them. It is a west TX vehicle, so rust is not a great danger in these parts (to a degree). Of course, i will check that out when I get it up in the air and inspect it. Let me in on some of the things to be careful of, look for and/or be looking for during the pre purchase inspection stage !! Also, I have limited mechanicle knowledge so some things I will let the trained professionals take care of. I do have a very good technician at my local Toyotal store though... :cheers:

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Take a magnet with you to check for bondo. Likely areas are above the rear wells and the rear sill below the ambi doors.
:idea: post some pics of that 40
im in cisco if you want someone to go look with you.

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