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May 23, 2011
I am new to the site, and trying to figure out how to navigate it. but anyway I bought a 1975 fj40 saturday and so far so good I've driven it a lot ran out 2 gas tanks full lol. anyway it has drum brakes and im looking to replace them this weekend with disc brakes. it was getting hard to stop and the right tire was the only one trying to stop me so yeah i parked it.
details on it so far when i bought it the guy didn't really know to much about it so im learning as I go.. motor has been replaced newer long tube headers well under the hood is all new. the frame has some surface rust but nothing bad at all wire brush will take care of it.. new looking seats.. so far everything checks out good no complains.. It came with a bikini top. hard doors, hard top, i'm picking up a soft top and soft doors this weekend...
My favorite thing about this thing is no one knows what it is! I beleive I am the only one around with one so far.. IF anyone one could give me tips on making this a better daily/offroad ride please help me out.. I'm shooting in the dark here.. haven't ordered the disc brake conversion or the powersteering conversion yet if anyone knows good sites pm them to me.
Future purchases safari snorkle. 4inch lift (who makes the best kit)???? Winch and lockers.. I have acess to a good shop a friend owns with lifts and every tool I can possible need so all work will be done by me or a friend.. Here is pic i took this morning.
nice looking cruiser....

suspensions which are best is quite debateable...alot of guys like the ome...that said...i have skyjacker :)

location will help point you in the right direction for used parts (front disc axles) and local clubs

also wleome to MUD :)
wow Didn't expect a quick response I am from U.S. West Georgia.. And I've been debating on a skyjacker with nitro shocks... for $976.. seems like a good deal.
Where do you find a oem winch!!! I've surfed and surfed the web and nothing! I need shoulder belts also.. the interior is rhino lined and I will post more pictures tomorrow!
I've been looking on craigslist in different states.. ebay. used parts I can't find one. I have tons of questions for this thing It's ridiculas ..
A lot of us look at craigslist in different states looking for Cruiser and Cruiser parts. That winch will be a little tough to find and I'm not sure if it will work with your transfer case or not, some of the others can tell you. The warn 8274 is a great winch and the thing I like about it better then the PTO is if your engine has stalled, like in water, you can still use the warn.
My prob is I don't know what fits and what to look for.. I learn fast tho just need good guidence.. still a young grasshopper.
You should look into a h*ll creek lift kit as well. I just installed the rear springs of their 4inch lift and hope go get the front end done this week. Search this sight for lift kits, the hell creek it gets very good feedback from people here both on the ride and the price.

Hell Creek Suspensions, Inc.

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