New to the Land Cruiser world and my new FJ80.

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Jun 8, 2016
Hello, after being a Jeep guy for many many years, I made the jump over Land Cruisers. Last Sunday I picked up a '91 FJ80. Has 203k miles on it with very very minor rust. Well for the known issues now. The PO was driving it when all four wheels locked up on him. He then parked for a little over a year before I picked it up. However it will drive around the block just fine right now. Also the power steering comes and goes and the pump leaks. Finally looks like the rear main seal is leaking. I will get picks up later today. Thanks
A big Mud welcome to you! :flipoff2:

The leaks you describe are pretty typical of any vehicle of 26 years of age, but I'm curious to know more about all wheels locking up while driving.
welcome. was a jeep guy to (first vehicle was a toyota 4x4 mini truck) so you could say i just drifted away due to lack of direction for 14 years.

Great start. i'me very curious about 4 wheels locked up??? i'd assume you got it for a song and will bring it back to life.
I would start by draining the transfer case and looking for material in the oil.
Welcome to the addiction, grab your wallet! Change fluids, and evaluate.
Welcome to the world of heavy metal where you will meet some cool people and learn to love wrenching. Yes, for the most part, OEM parts are worth it.
200 dollars

Welcome :flipoff2:. With little rust and some TLC you'll be good for another 25 yrs.
Finally got around to checking on the transfer case. So come to find out it was almost split in two. Once I figure out how to post pics I will get some up.

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