New to the Fourm from SC

Jun 10, 2003
Columbia, SC
Hey Guys! I'm pretty much new to the fourm but have always been a TLC lover. Heh, I'm probably one of the younger owners, ya I'm only 16. But right now I have a '93 FJZ80 with about 180k miles on it. Seeing as how young I am I never really had the income until something happened, Chick-Fil-A happened. Ya I have my summer job at a local area Chick-Fil-A. So now I have a modest income comming in and cannot afford too many upgrades at once. Here is my first question. With the OME suspension how much is the LTR line of shocks better than the Nitrocharger? Are they worth the extra 120 bucks for moderate off-roading? Second question. With the OME springs what is a good length of lift to get? I was thinking around 2.5 or so. Third question. After the suspension upgrade what should I look at getting next? I was thinking aout the winch and front bullbar from ARB but that would be like 2k dollars. Would it be a good idea to go ahead and replace the rear bumper then the fornt when I have more money? Any suggestions are quite welcome. If there are any other TLC owners in the Columbia area send me an e~mail. Thanks a lot quys!

Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...
Hello Jon and welcome to 80s ownership and the 80s section here on this forum. Don't worry about your age, it's attitude and maturity that count. We have some that are old enough to be your dad, that act 16. Others like Bailey that are young in age but mature in attitude.  
Then there's Junk...  :slap:

Here are some opinions on your questions:

>> Are they [LTR's] worth the extra 120 bucks for moderate off-roading?  <<

No. They're better suited for heavy off-roading of the expedition type (i.e. long stretches of washboard road.)

>> With the OME springs what is a good length of lift to get? <<

50mm (approx 2-1/2")

>> After the suspension upgrade what should I look at getting next?  <<

That depends on a lot of things.  My preference for upgrading a Cruiser is:
1. Mechanical reliability
2. Tyres
3. Springs (w/50mm lift)
4. Armor
  a. Sliders
  b. Xfer skid plate
  c. Front bumper
  d. Rear bumper w/tyre carrier
5. Shocks
6. Things that are now necessary to make the above items work properly (e.g. sway bar drops or front driveline CV or recovery gear)
7. Winch

Do Not overlook #1 in your haste to have a cool looking truck for the high school parking lot. Make sure all the fluids are in good shape. Make sure the required 60k maintenance has been done on the front axle. Yours should be ready for the 3rd front axle service. This is a major service and neglecting it will deplete your funds for #2-7. Make sure the driveshaft is properly lubed. Make sure the brakes are in 100% good working order (these things go through brakes *fast*)

Apr 17, 2003
On the catwalk.
Website New to the Fourm from SC

If your attention span was all used up before Beo could finish, I could summarize it for you. Why don't you stop worrying how BLING your Cruiser is and make sure it's in tip top shape...?

And this is my .02
Why don't you wheel your junk and then YOU can figure out what mods to prioritize.

Again just my .02 and by the way welcome newb.
Mar 27, 2003
Welcome Jon. I think I am no longer the youngest 80 series guy in here. Sweet.

When I began the mods last year I went with almost the exact order that Beo has laid out. The only difference was that the shocks and springs went on at the same time.

Number 1 is most important. I would rather have a stock Cruiser that runs reliably than one that looks cool with a blown motor. :G
Mar 27, 2003

Once you've got on top of the maintenance jobs, I would buy the springs and keep the origional shocks. Then put some money away for repairs.

Cheers, Jim

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