New to the forum!!

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Feb 28, 2009
Auburn California
Newbie here!!
Just wanted to get aquainted. I have been a viewer of this forum for several years, but did not join until recently.
I have a 2007 Fj bought new, lifted, 33in tires . Got the "Sun Fusion Yellow".
I call it "The short bus", not very original, but it fits!!
I have lived in Auburn Ca, for almost 35 years, originally from Nevada.
Anyway I just wanted to say HI!!!

I just joined the forum about a week ago...roughly the same time I picked up my FJC.

I am a Firefighter in Rock Island, Illinois. We run a 24 on 48 off schedule so i should be able to find some time to start building it up. This forum is awesome! Lots of great info, with any luck soon I will be able to add to it!

:beer:Cheers to you all!

FJ fun

Well, I joined for two reasons, first, I figured that if I read these posts then I may as well join.

And second, to get an FJ fix by proxy!!!!

I have not seen my FJ since January 3 09. I am currently in Balad, Iraq on a base in the sand and will not be back in the states for at least a year from now.
Before anyone gets the wrong impression, I am not in the military. I am a civilian contractor over here supporting those that are. I train the military men and women on the MRAP, both in operations and maintenance.
If you look up MAXXPRO PLUS at you can see one of these. I am not sure how to add a pic, if someone can help me, I can post a photo of my FJ and these vehicles from here.
I thought, if I can not wheel it myself, then I can read about people that can!!
My friend will be dropping my FJ off to have some work done, and if you like, I will have her get photos and get them up.
I will be adding a Lefty transfer case with the extra gear box from Inchworm.
I will also be sending it to 4X4 Labs to have Luke add front and rear bumpers with winches front and rear as well.
It may be interesting to follow.
I may also be adding a straight axle as well, still considering options.
A little info on my backgruond for anyone interested,
I have been a Toyota and Lexus Master Tech for almost 30 years.
I have been teaching core classes and the Toyota classes at Universal Technical Institute for the last several years before coming ofer here.
I have been around Toyotas since 1974!!! Love em!!!!!!

FJ mods
All Pro 3.5" lift Fox Shocks
33 inch Yokohama Geolander MT tires
ATRAC hack, done by one of my students at UTI
TRD wheels/exhaust
Auto all interior upgrades with rubber mats
Well, gotta go
See ya!!!!!!!

My friend Michelle has my FJ currently, with permission to wheel it!!!
If there is anyone in the Auburn area that would not mind if she tagged along, I would apperciate it.
Rob, go to the FAQ page. Look under General Forum Usage section. Scroll down and look for Attachments and Images. It'll tell you how to attach pics. Wecome to the forum.:D

Thanks, will do. I have very limited internet here and may be relocating soon. I will try and get this done.
Thanks again
Welcome to the forum.
Hello Auburn!

We're having a NorCal/North Bay FJC Wrenching Day/Meet & Greet on May 16 in Petaluma. They'll be dozens of trucks, some doing work, some just visiting. I know that's a long drive for you, but if you're in the area, please come by!

Petaluma Meet-n Greet May 16th - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum

We coordinate a lot of runs up in the Sierra's from the NorCal site, if you're interested: NorCal FJs - FJ Cruisers of Northern California

We also have regular BEER meets, in the Bay Area and in the Sacramento Area. Check the NorCal site for details.

Welcome! :)
Got it! We'll send you some pictures, or at least post them up here!
Be safe! -Ann
Newbie here as well. As a matter a fact, I've gotten YellowFJ's FJ in my garage right now. Robert suggested that I join up here to get some new friends to go wheelin' with. while he is away. So here I am.

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