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Jul 19, 2017
Washington, D.C.
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself and get some recs. I live in DC and have a 1974 40.

I enjoy cruising the concrete jungle of DC but really have an itch to get some dirt on the tires.

I'll be in Charlottesville till Friday then Luray till Sunday. Any recs for places to take her off road? Not looking for anything crazy but would like to engage the lockers.

I hear Taskers Gap/Peter Mill may be a decent option nearby.

Let me know if you have any recs and look forward to keeping in touch with everyone!
Look up the Potts Mill Jeep trail. You can do the whole thing in half a day. Taskers Gap is really only a dirt road.
Shoe Creek and Big Levels south of C'ville. Neither is very exciting.
Thanks for the recs! I may make the trek to Big Levels. Its my understanding Shoe Creek is closed. If thats not the case, I may head there.

Potts Mill looks like a good trip for another time. I'll need another vehicle with me!
One side of Shoe creek is closed the other side is open.
X2 on Big Levels.

If you gt an early start to Luray, there's also Flag Pole / Meadows Knob west of Harrisonburg.

Both are kind of long so leave plenty of room for daylight.

Nice 40!
I've done Taskers/Peters Mill a few times. Not very exciting. It really is just a dirt road. Flag pole is mostly dirt road with a few fun bits in there. I've only run it once following someone else, but there are multiple ways to approach Flag Pole, some are apparently more fun than others. I have a winch on my 60 and would be happy to wheel with you one Saturday or Sunday. I don't get out enough as it is, so always looking for an excuse!
Last time I did Taskers was during a trail cleanup in the snow with my F250 tow rig. The snow made it a fun trip. I have seen a Volvo drive throw it.
I made a very short video for TrailsOffroad. I will see if I have the full length video for the clubs YouTube channel.
It really depends on what you are looking for. I have taken my Daughter when she was 15 to Taskers and she learned to drive a stick in my 40 there. And a work buddy took his son and he drove his Taco.
Peters Mill was rather peaceful for an afternoon Black Friday Ride. Saw a few 4 wheelers (ATVs/UTVs/OHVs), and a relatively stock 4Runner, for the afternoon. I expect it gets busy on the weekend.
The first couple miles is a rocky incline, the rest was peaceful downhill ride through, well, the Shenandoah National Forest.


Here's a Google map.. Google Maps

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